La Verdad de los Árboles

In July 2019, a forest fire reached the Iruelas Valley Natural Reserve, in Ávila (Spain). The fire destroyed more than 180 hectares of forest, destroying most of its vegetation and seriously compromising the biodiversity of the area.

"The Truth about Trees" is a podcast series that gives voice to several native pines that suffered the effects of the flames and remembers their life through dendrochronology, a botanical science that studies the growth of their rings and how the climate change has influenced their development.

This project, launched by Bosques Sostenibles in collaboration with the Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute of Valladolid (iuFOR) and the writer Nagore Suárez, will carry out a reforestation plan for 280,000 trees on the affected area, fostering the protection of forests as one of the most effective assets in the fight against climate change.

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Director and editor: Lorena Lácar

Creative director: Iván Domingo

Executive producer: Sigfrid Mariné